Puer: harm and benefit of the famous tea

Unique properties of puerus are provided by the process of fermentation - aging of tea under the influence of special microbes, akin to making kvass, yogurt or wine.

What an alcoholic cocktail is the most delicious

Cocktails are called a mixture of several (usually not more than five) beverages and improves the taste of additional ingredients.

What are intumescent flame retardants

Intumescent flame retardants are used to strengthen load-bearing structures made of wood, metal, concrete and reinforced concrete. In case of fire, they help to keep them from destruction for longer.

What is the classification of

A person constantly has to deal with large volumes of information and a huge number of very different subjects.

How to choose the weight of dumbbells

One of the most trivial mistakes of a beginner athlete is the incorrectly chosen weight of the projectile.

How to write a letter of gratitude when you leave

Dismissal is not always a pleasant moment, but if the parting with your favorite organization takes place in a positive atmosphere, and the collective has become practically a family, a good thank you letter will be an elegant finishing touch of fruitful cooperation.

How to learn to speak louder

A timid voice is often a hindrance

How to feed a golden retriever

A healthy and balanced diet of a dog of any breed is a guarantee of its normal development and strong immunity

Modern school - what it is

The modern school is not only a model of society (this was always it), today it is also its "advanced" one.

Schedule of exhibitions for the dog

Visiting dog shows in a purely utilitarian sense is necessary to obtain a "divorce" assessment. However, if you want you can go into the ring even in puppyhood. To ordinary owners who are not familiar with the wisdoms of dog breeding, it is not always clear why this is needed, and how to schedule exhibitions for a dog

How to seduce a friend's girlfriend

Female friendship is a phenomenon that causes a lot of controversy about its existence. Some girls not only do not know how to be friends, but they are able to seduce the guy of his girlfriend.

How to make call details in mts

Call detailing in MTS is a one-time service provided by this company.

Sights of Valaam: what to see

In the fresh waters of Ladoga Lake, there is a rocky archipelago consisting of a large group of granite and diabase islands. Unique in its beauty Valaam archipelago is rightfully considered the main attraction of Karelia.

What are the sites for freelancers

Freelance is mostly remote work without a permanent boss.

Why married women pay attention to other men

Men often look at other women, regardless of their marital status. But the girls show a similar interest in the representatives of the opposite sex, being married, much less often, but still doing it.

How to defeat the aphid on a cherry by natural means

Aphids are one of the most harmful and dangerous insects for the garden.

Stroke: how to drink this alcoholic drink

Rum stern is popular in the world, but in Russia only connoisseurs and travelers know it.

Who needs to pray to be healed of cancer

Cancer is a serious and deadly disease, practically not amenable to cure.

How to catch a wild boar

Hunting for wild boar - the destiny of experienced hunters who are well aware of the habits of this cautious strong and quite dangerous beast.

How to contain the tears of

Tears are a great way to relieve internal tension, give vent to negative emotions, and in many cases it can be very useful to cry

Where to download Maincraft 095 to android

After a long wait, finally, as the developers say, came the latest version of the game.

Where and how to get a snails on a child

SNILS (Insurance Number of the Individual Personal Account) is a document confirming the registration of a Russian citizen in the Pension Insurance System

How to transplant fir

To transplant fir from the forest or bought in the nursery on your site, you must, first of all, carefully choose a place for planting.

What is totalitarian democracy

Totalitarian democracy is also called imitation democracy, since under this political regime the power of the people is only declared, but in practice ordinary citizens do not take part in government or participate minimally.

How to cure depression: effective ways

Depression is a mental illness in which a patient loses the ability to experience joy, for a long time a pathologically lowered mood is observed, thinking is disturbed, there is a pessimistic view of what is happening, the future is seen in gloomy colors, the meaning of life is lost. Treatment of depression should be conducted under

Who is stronger: boxer or wrestler

The verbal dispute between boxers and wrestlers on the topic, who will be stronger in the internal duel, lasted many centuries. In the twentieth century, "martial artists" from the words finally went to work and conducted several widely advertised fights. Unfortunately the fans, they did not give an unambiguous answer to the main question. Did not put a point in the endless debate and the sign

By what criteria should you choose a bed with drawers

To save space in small rooms, many prefer to purchase beds with built-in drawers.

What is allotropy

Allotropy is the ability of chemical elements to be in the form of two or more simple substances. It is associated with a different number of atoms in the molecule or with the structure of the crystal lattice.

How to make sealing wax

Surgut - a mixture of resins, dyes and other fillers - you may need you to design the original gift wrapping, sealing documents or important letters, as well as for some other needs.

How to build a radio-controlled model

There are several ways to conquer the sky.

How to make an asbestos chimney correctly

Asbestos chimney is much cheaper than analogues, and with proper installation it will last for many years. The installation rules are dictated by the features of the material: it differs in porosity and is destroyed under the influence of high temperatures.

Which wallpaper is suitable for a bedroom

A third of the life of most people takes place in a dream, so the finishing of the bedroom should be given maximum attention. Much of the choice of wallpaper in the bedroom will depend on how comfortable it will be for you to be indoors.

What a character the British have

British cats have aristocratic and endurance

How to reach the highest dan in karate

The degree of mastery in karate is denoted by belts and kyu grades. The person who has received the highest - the black belt, too, can improve, taking exams to obtain master's degrees - dan. Such exams include the execution of kata complexes and the conduct of several dozen rounds in sparring

How to rent a villa in Pattaya

Pattaya is one of the most popular resorts in Thailand.

How to cook da hong pao

China is famous for its rich variety of tea.

How to love yourself, not men

In your life there are always situations when men go away from you, sometimes even without explaining anything

How to feed a newborn baby

Gone are the urgent advice of pediatricians to feed the child strictly by the hour. Doctors recognized the wisdom of village grandmothers and recommend a free feeding schedule, depending on the requirements of the baby. This applies to those babies whose mothers have enough breast milk. When feeding with milk formulas it is advisable to accustom the child to the regimen, so that there are no problems with digestion.

How to live alone with a baby

A woman, left alone with an infant in her arms, can be very difficult at first. However, if you think about it, everything is not so bad, while the baby is very small and completely dependent on the mother.

How to choose tools for wood carving

Increasingly popular are things made by themselves, in particular made of wood.

How to change the shock absorbers for VAZ 2107

The comfort of driving depends on the dampers

How does an electric kettle work

Now it's hard to imagine an office without an electric kettle

How to use magnesium sulfate for weight loss

Magnesium sulfate is an adjuvant for weight loss. It will not be possible to reset the desired kilograms only at his expense. Nevertheless, it is considered as an auxiliary to the diet and the course of cleaning the body.

How to enhance the effect of anti-cellulite massage

Irregularities on the skin surface appear in many women

Grandfather frost has a granddaughter Snow Maiden, and who then his wife

Under the New Year, children are eagerly awaiting the visit of Santa Claus and his granddaughter Snow Maiden.

Which pot is best for the girl

Your baby is the last among his peers running in wet panties? This does not mean that your parental career is a failure. Just like the question of sleep and eating, the issue of self-visiting the pot can not be solved by strict instructions. The main task is to develop a healthy attitude towards the toilet procedure. In many respects the success of the case will depend on

Who are the fairies

Like many other fantastic creatures, fairies came into the world from Celtic folklore. The ancient Celts described them as kind and beautiful girls endowed with magical abilities.

Knitting lessons. how to type the loops on the spokes

Knitting with knitting needles - a craft very old

How else is the feast day of the holy trinity

In the Orthodox church calendar there are twelve major Christian holidays, called the Twelve. One such celebration is the feast of the Holy Trinity.

Red wine with fruit

Purchased wine bored you and you want to diversify their taste? Then add in the red wine of different fruits and get a whole new incredible taste! For this recipe, take peaches, cherries and clementines (the closest relatives of all known mandarins).