The drug "Nizoral": instruction on the use of

"Nizoral" is a synthetic antifungal agent, the main active ingredient of which is ketoconazole, effectively fights against dandruff, seborrheic eczema, onychomycosis and so on

What is the irradiation from the x-ray

Many patients are afraid to go through the procedure of X-ray and fluorography

Puree from courgettes for babies - tasty and healthy

Zucchini puree is a food that ideally fits as the first complementary food

What goods should I buy on ebay

The world marketplace «Ebay» bribes with its fabulously low prices.

Children's first-aid kit on the road

Family vacation - what could be better! All together climb in the mountains, walk along the ancient streets or splash in the azure waves of the sea But, unfortunately, sometimes such joys are clouded by the illness of the baby. And then there will be no pleasure from rest until he again becomes cheerful and cheerful. That's why on vacation you are always at hand should be

What does it mean a sexy woman

Sexuality - this word people are accustomed to denote the attractiveness and charm of a person, the ability to enchant all around.

Spit on the side - everyday and evening hairstyles

The braid fits almost any face shape

What is the climate in the Crimea

Crimea is located in the southern part of Eastern Europe, washed by the Black and Azov Seas. Its relief includes plains, hills and mountains. Despite the fact that the peninsula's territory is small, it has 3 characteristic climatic zones.

How to wash the down jacket in a washing machine - a few tips

Perhaps, in the wardrobe of each person there is such a stylish and practical thing as a down jacket. Products filled with fluff require special and delicate care, so experts recommend avoiding washing the down jacket at home and, if necessary, seek help with dry cleaning. But is it possible to restore the primordial appearance independently,

How to change the profession in 30 years

It is not uncommon for a person to understand that the chosen profession for one reason or another does not suit him by thirty years.

How to make hot wine for cold

The question of the benefits or harm of alcohol is still being discussed.

Ducks: the most common breeds are

Among the different types of poultry ducks are not very popular. It is believed that the cost of spent food does not pay off: ducks eat a lot, and eggs give a little. However, if we take into account the physiological characteristics of these birds, breeding them is much more profitable than it seems at first glance

How to brew coffee at home

To make real aromatic coffee at home, you need to make a lot of effort. There are a huge number of factors that affect the final taste of the drink - from coffee grade to the quality of the water used.

Feast as a form of education

A holiday as a form of upbringing allows us to form a correct perception of events occurring in any society

What is the zone of the nearest development of the child

The task of parents is to teach their child, but the development of children takes place according to a special law

Duties of the godparents during the sacrament of baptism

Being a godparent is not just a formality. In addition to specific duties to the infant after the sacrament of baptism, the godfather has the obligation to be a direct participant in the sacrament itself.

How to smooth wrinkles

Wrinkles - this is a kind of reminder to a person about his approaching old age

LED tapes: characteristics, types

At the moment, manufacturers can boast a huge assortment of LED ribbons. To simplify their installation, the tapes are made on an adhesive-coated substrate. LED strips are used both for lighting ceilings, and for all kinds of niches.

Who invented the organ

Among the variety of musical instruments, the "King of Instruments", the organ, the most dimensional and diverse in its sounding, rightfully occupies a worthy place.

How to identify a real pearl

Mankind has long been in love with pearl .

How to avoid premature ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is a serious disorder in the male sexual sphere, in the presence of which ejaculation occurs too early, it can provoke even a slight stimulation

On what to pay attention, buying not a new apartment

Buying an apartment is a very serious and responsible business. And if the new building is more or less clear and simple - there is a new dwelling, there is a seller, he is a manufacturer who gives a guarantee for his work, then with the purchase of a second home (that same "not new" apartment) difficulties may arise.

How to confess to a guy in love, if not sure about reciprocity

You felt for the boy something more than just sympathy. When you see it, the ground goes from under your feet, you want to scream to the whole world that you are in love, but again hold back, because you are not at all sure of reciprocity.

Where to go in Petersburg: interactive museum

To spend a weekend with children can not only be fun, but also with benefit.

How is angina transmitted

Angina is an infectious disease that affects the palatine tonsils

What links exist within the phrase

A word-combination is a group of words connected by a semantic and grammatical connection. Unlike the sentence, it is not an expression of any completed thought.

Spoiled child. what to do?

Following these tips, you will necessarily re-educate a spoiled child into a kind, sympathetic and understanding child.

Historical portrait of Alexander

Alexander the First came to the throne in 1801 and ruled until 1825.

How to build the foundation itself

After the work on the planning of the site, you can lay the foundation.

How to make a badge

Without badge many important events can not be avoided.

What is volitional gymnastics anokhin

Volitional gymnastics was created in the early 20th century by Dr. Anokhin. Being concurrently also an athlete, Anokhin came up with a complex of developing muscles and strength-giving exercises. A distinctive feature of this gymnastics is the absence of any shells. To perform the exercises, you just need to stand in front of the mirror and turn on your strength

How to recognize counterfeit medicines

Buying a medicine in a drugstore, it's fair to expect effective help from him

What are the domains and hosting

Domain - the name of the site and its address on the Internet.

How to use the dishwasher

The dishwasher allows you to refuse hand washing, saves water and launder dishes much better. The machine is accompanied by an instruction manual, there you can find information about the most frequent breakdowns and methods of their elimination, the addresses of service centers and recommendations for using detergents

The choice of advertising media for indoor advertising in the restaurant

The segment of indoor advertising is dynamically developing in our country.

What are the

running systems? Running is a universal physical activity that is suitable for almost everyone due to the variety of species and techniques. Running varies in speed, distance, gravity. It helps to strengthen and improve the whole body.

What are the

Basically, begin to run for the following reasons: strengthen the heart, lose weight, relieve stress. Depending on this, you need to choose yourself.

How to write a composition about your hobby

Hobbies are many - you rarely see a man who is not interested in anything.

Treatment of thrush with candles

A milkmaid is a disease that manifests itself as a violation of microflora. Thrush is caused by fungi of the genus Candida. The vagina, oral cavity and rectum are most susceptible to fungi. The development of the disease contributes to the weakening of general immunity. An important feature is that, although not a venereal disease, thrush in

What is the wildlife of the savanna

The word "Savannah" comes from the English "Sabana" and means a treeless area or simply a steppe.

How to profitably sell an apartment

The sale of an apartment for the owner, of course, should be a profitable business

How to make money on the exchange

You can earn money on the stock exchange in several ways, for example, by trading shares, bonds, precious metals or currency.

What new profession can be mastered in Decree

The majority of young mothers regard maternity leave as a time of forced professional downtime and inevitable financial shortages.

How to start a rabbit

Charming pets, rabbits - sociable, rustic animals, requiring attentive attitude and constant care

How to travel on germany

Germany is a beautiful country, with its measured way of life and wonderful places.

How to support the conversation

Ability to support conversation is a very valuable skill that will be useful both in a friendly team, and in the family and at work

What documents are needed to register at the employment center

Labor exchanges recognize unemployed citizens who do not have work, but are able-bodied.

Sewing curtains without lining

Curtains - this is not an easy functional element of the interior, closing the room from the look of strangers, properly selected beautiful drapes can dramatically change the design of the apartment.

Training athletes as a long-term work

Training an international athlete requires hard and hard work for many years

How to make an aphrodisiac

Many people think that aphrodisiacs - this is something exotic and far from us.

Amaranth oil: reviews, application, contraindications

The plant amaranth for many centuries is considered an assistant in the promotion of health and longevity. Europeans mainly use it as raw material for the production of batteries. And in Russia, the most popular is the etheric little, obtained from this plant